List of Things I Want to do with my Beautiful Girlfriend in 2011

Lately, I’ve been wanting to get a new hobby, to take my mind off things and work on some self improvement. It occurred to me that you and I have the same need as a couple…a need to stay fresh and grow together. These are some ideas that just  shot into my mind and felt perfect for us. I hope you like some of them my love.

-Take a trip on a train to another city. Spend a couple of bucks at a cheap restaurant and take pictures!

-Stumble a recipe and make it that night.

-Write verses for a lullaby to our future children.

-Drive into the country and take pictures…we need to throw down on a nice camera!!

-Work in a soup kitchen together.

-Sample a new coffee or alcoholic drink once every couple of weeks.

– Listen to a new cd together. We like so many of the same kinds of music, it would be fun to discover new stuff together! We should also read a book together. We have plenty of time together now over break and it would be great to be able to read a book or magazine together. This could be something fun to shop for together too!

-Work out together. Take some walks and do some ab ripper every couple of days.

I love you honey and I really want to work on nurturing our relationship and enriching our time together because we deserve that. We have something that other people would die for and I want us to appreciate that to the fullest.


~ by atreides13 on December 27, 2010.

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